I highly recommend “Strongholds” to anyone who has dealt with LIFE- both women and men. Many women will either identify personally, know someone, or become acquainted with events from the book. And for men, it will open your eyes to some important issues that females may encounter; providing ways to become proactive and preventive.  Strongholds gives new meaning to those who have come to a point in their lives where they feel as if no one else could ever possibly relate to their current or past adversaries. The author, whom I had the pleasure of attending grade school with demonstrates the absolute result of resilience and proves how one can bend but not break. Latara’s journey is emotionally engaging through her words and causes you to empathize her story yet reflect on your own all at the same time. Her transparency reveals the human side of her with infusion of the power of connections. Consequences of the wrong connections and celebrations of divine connections to bridge gaps to her victories. I could identify with various components of the literature bringing manifestation to Latara’s hopes in her preface to allow women that read to see and realize the similarities that we indeed encounter perhaps with different faces, times, and places. I praise God for her transparency which will indeed encourage women young and old. Latara has encouraged me in specific areas through her words of testimony and scripture. I pray that this book reaches the hands of every one seeking freedom of their past and those seeking to help others who may need assistance in moving forward! Great read and revelation!

-Melissa Oates
Savannah, Ga


While reading Strongholds it was as if I was watching it all play out in my mind I did not stop till the end  , it also makes me want to write. It is pure it is honest and it is real . There were moments in between and, to the end where  I came to pages that spoke directly to me and created dialogue in my mind. When a book does that it changes  parts of your code and thought process for the better. To Lt I wish you all that God has for you. Your gift is unmatched and unchallenged, and I thank you for that.

Ilou Thompson

Atlanta, Ga


I urge every woman who has ever been through something that has hurt them, broken them and had a hold on them to read this book. Strongholds is the answer to your question " Am I alone in this." The author Latara is a friend of mine and after reading this book I am left wondering has she been placed in my life for some reason yet to be revealed or has it in fact already been revealed. Strongholds is an eye opening book that will leave you yearning for your own healing and wanting to do the work to get there

Meme Nicole Shaina

Jacksonville, Fl

CW17s- Inside Jacksonville