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“I want women to take away the feelings, hate, the personalities, the egos that divide them and be open to the possibility that there may be a ton of things we share in common. Things that should bring us together to share our testimonies versus divide us. I hope this book has created for you a desire and/or need to dialogue with other women even if they don’t look or talk like you.” 

-Latara S. Griffin- 

Strongholds is NOW AVAILABLE!

Click the link below to order your copy of the book from Amazon today! It is available in both paperback AND e-book formats. 

About the Book

Strongholds: A Testimonial Guide for Women

Strongholds! How do you know if you have any?

Paul metaphorically used this term in the description of the Christian battle. A stronghold can be described as any area of your life that you hold onto that in return controls you. Can you think of an area where you are weaker than a thing? A habit? A situation or circumstance? What has rule over you?

I believe that we all deserve a life of vitality and that we have the potential to create it for ourselves and our families. This book is dedicated to tackling the root of strongholds by first identifying them. 

I hope this book of my personal testimonies will help you identify and grow from any strongholds you may have in your life. 


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